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Fees And Billing Schedule

It is recognized that, for each search, clients expect results in the shortest possible time. With this in mind, Menard International’s objective for each assignment is to submit a slate of qualified candidates (screened by thorough in-person interviews) within four weeks after the start of a search. Submissions are frequently made in a shorter period of time. Intensive candidate sourcing and selection continues until a position is filled.

Search assignments are conducted under a standard retainer agreement with competitive fee arrangements based on the first year’s compensation.

The fee is generally billed as follows:

  • One third to be paid at the beginning of the search assignment
  • One third to be paid after three submitted candidates are chosen to be interviewed by the client
  • The remainder to be paid upon successful completion of the search

Necessary out-of-pocket expenses such as travel, lodging, meals and telecommunication charges are billed at cost as they are incurred. All extraordinary expenses such as airfare are approved with the client in advance.

While it is rarely necessary, the client may cancel an assignment at any time and is only obligated, under the terms above, to pay the fees billed on the search to date plus incurred expenses.

These arrangements are consistent with those followed by most leading search organizations. However, Menard International Search, Inc. will discuss modifications to the fee and billing schedule, particularly when multiple search assignments are proposed. We are also open to discussing fee arrangements which directly tie fee payments to progress in successfully completing a search.