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Search Process

Working as an extension of the client, Menard International Search, Inc. utilizes a detailed and disciplined search process as follows:

  1. Client Consultation
    • Meet with client to determine position requirements as well as goals and objectives in filling the position.
    • Assess client management style and culture by meeting with key managers.
    • Prepare a thorough and accurate position description which describes position requirements and responsibilities.
    • Consult throughout the duration of the assignment on relevant organizational issues.
  2. Customized Research
    • Assign professional research staff to source candidates.
    • Target company, academic, and other sources appropriate to the search, utilizing our comprehensive database, as well as internal and external resources.
    • Utilize additional contacts developed throughout the search to assure candidates are sourced in a thorough and comprehensive fashion.
  3. Candidate Identification
    • Conduct extensive networking of target sources.
    • Identify and evaluate potential candidates.
    • Accurately represent position responsibilities and requirements to potential candidates.
    • Perform in-depth personal interviews.
    • Evaluate candidate qualifications.
  4. Selection and Recruitment
    • Prepare written Candidate Profiles based on in-person interviews for submission with resumes.
    • Recommend qualified candidates for client interviews.
    • Arrange candidate visits for on-site interviews.
    • Conduct reference checks (at request of client).
    • Participate in discussions and negotiations leading to a job offer (at request of client).