Our Approach

We take great pride in having close working relationships with our clients and prospective candidates.

It is recognized that, for each search, clients expect results in the shortest possible time. With this in mind, Menard International’s objective for each assignment is to submit a slate of qualified candidates (screened by thorough in-person interviews) within four weeks after the start of a search. Submissions are frequently made in a shorter period of time. Intensive candidate sourcing and selection continues until a position is filled.

Search Process for Candidates

  1. Initial Contact with Candidate
    • Clear explanation of available opportunities and written position requirements.
    • Detailed discussion regarding the candidate’s interest and career objectives.

  2. Candidate Interview and Submission
    • In depth phone / in person interview by Menard International.
    • Presuming that there is mutual interest, Menard International will create a personalized candidate profile that speaks beyond their resume and best describes who they are and what they bring to the table.
    • Submission of the candidate profile and resume to the client.

  3. Post Submission
    • Feedback will be provided as it is received from our client and we will inform the candidate of any potential next steps.
    • Work closely with the candidate and the client to coordinate the scheduling of interviews and other communication.

  4. Post Search
    • Regardless of the outcome, Menard International will remain in contact with the candidate and make them aware of future opportunities.